Pregnancy and food blogs

When I got pregnant for the first time, and before losing it a week later, I started reading my favorite food blogs and realized, they’re too complicated. Too upscale. Too big town. I’m from a tiny town in Iowa and quite honestly they’re not a right fit for my family. I realize that they’re much better cooks and bakers than I am, but they seemed out of reach for a small town girl with simple tastes. At our house we eat spaghetti and sometimes baked ziti. We have burgers with hamburger on sale and usually processed cheese slices. We eat barbecue chicken made in the crockpot. In fact, my crockpot is my most used kitchen appliance. My bread maker not so much. We like hot dogs and homemade mac and cheese. In fact most of my food is homemade. Homemade not organic.

Welcome to my kitchen. My therapy. My happy place.


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