Homemade apple butter

Bill has been talking about apple butter for a month now. I’ve never made it, but on the way home from Nebraska City the other day I made him stop at an orchard outside a little state park. I’ve been going to that orchard for years to get a caramel apple. This year, I grabbed fresh apples instead and decided to make homemade apple butter.

I have never made it before, but I like the stuff so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I found several recipes and after seeing what went into it I made up my own. I think the amount of sugar is alright, but I think next time I’ll cut it down to ¾ cup both white and brown.

Apple Butter
5-6 lbs apples (I used multiple kinds.)
2 cups white sugar
2 cups brown sugar
3 t cinnamon
¼ t cloves
¼ t salt

1. Peel and chop apples.
2. Mix with sugars and spices.
3. Dump mixture into crock pot and cook on low for 12-13 hours.
4. Use a blender to make mixture smooth.
5. Place into ½ pint containers and freeze.

This made 6 ½ pint containers.